The Unfair Burden of Your Silence

So, you told your wife that you don’t want her to feel alone. That you want her to talk to someone so that she can get advice to help her heal. Great! I did the same thing with Britt. I felt like I was…

What I See When I Talk to Your Wife: An Open Letter to Husbands Who Look at Porn

Last week was heavy. Last week I talked with over 20 women whose lives have been forever altered by pornography. I talked with wives who have recently discovered their husbands have been viewing porn. I talked with daughters who have discovered porn on their fathers’ devices. I talked with women who have become addicted to porn themselves through the encouragement of their husbands.

And today, I am soul-piercingly tired.

After talking with yet another woman who found porn on her husband’s phone, I had to take a break to process. What emerged was this open letter I am sharing with you in an effort to describe exactly what I see when I sit down with your wives. This is not about one specific couple. You would be surprised how consistently similar the stories are. These are the common threads I see in nearly every conversation with a wife who discovers her husband has been looking at porn.

I just wanted you to know.

Dear Counselors: Stop Telling Porn Addicts to Keep Their Sin Secret!

Building off my last post, I want to address the same idea of public repentance, but from a slightly different perspective. This one’s for those who are counseling people caught up in addiction… If I could scream one thing from the rooftop and be…