Episode 5: The Trauma of Betrayal (For Women)

Betrayal from someone emotionally close to you often causes psychological trauma. The emotional damage can manifest itself as depression, anxiety, rage, and an inability to cope with daily life. If you struggle with these symptoms after discovering your husband’s porn addiction, you are not…

Episode 4: How to Protect My Tech-Savvy Kids

Jeremy Carmon joins us this month to talk about how to protect our kids from the dangerous world of technology. Jeremy preaches for the Ashland Church of Christ and recently taught a lesson at our congregation on this topic. I asked him to be a guest on The Beaten Road podcast and give our listeners a recap of the advice he shared in his lesson.

Episode 3: Help! I Think My Husband is Looking at Porn

What should you do if you suspect your husband looks at pornography? Brittany shares a few thoughts in this month’s episode of The Beaten Road Podcast. Please follow and like us:

Episode 2: How to Tell Your Wife You Have a Porn Addiction

Does your wife really need to know about your battle with porn? [Spoiler: YES! Here are a few tips on making the confession] “If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth….

Episode 1: Introduction

Introducing our podcast series. This is our first time ever doing anything like this so… be patient with us. It’ll get better with time, we promise! haha Please follow and like us: