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Pre-Order Your Copy!

We are now taking pre-orders for our book The Other Side of the Storm: Recovering from Your Husband’s Porn Addiction! From November 30 through December 4, contact us at to order your copy for $10.99 plus shipping (Regular price: $14.99).

“One day you can be grateful for the pain you are now enduring. Eventually the rain will stop beating and the raging wind will die down. You can then look back at this refining fire and see the splendor of what God creates from the ashes. Hold on. The beauty may not be immediately obvious, but it is there even in the worst situation. It is in your faith, courage, endurance, forgiveness, and commitment to your husband. It is in the rich mercy of our Savior. And it is in the hope Christ has given us that sin can be beaten.

In time you will notice the sun is shining again. The birds are chirping their chorus of praise once more. The grass is even greener now.

Don’t you love the beauty that follows a storm?”

Excerpt from “The Other Side of the Storm” by Brittany Richardson (with Joshua Richardson)

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